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Events Calendar

Every week we have talks or other themed nights, followed by stargazing (weather permitting).

We have a yearly trip abroad and the popular STARBALL.

PhD Panel

26 January 2023

Ever wondered what a PhD in astrophysics might entail? Feeling unsure about whether this is your next step? Join us and a panel of PhD students to learn about life beyond your degree.


☄️Night Hike

02 February 2023

Comet 2022 E3 ZTF aka The Green Comet is making a short trip around Earth and will be at its closest on the 1st of February.

Weather permitting, join us for a night hike to West Sands in the hopes of spotting the comet.



We will soon release information about this year's edition of STARBALL - it's an event not to be missed!


Past Events


ReFreshers Stargazing

19 January 2023

Welcome back! The popular stargazing sessions are back at the Observatory. Join us for some hot chocolate and a tour of the night sky. We will also have a short astrophotography workshop and some information about a certain comet you mgiht have heard about!


Week 11

Come chill with us as exam week looms closer. There will be a film being screened, snacks to be eaten, and our legendary hot chocolate to keep us warm.


LGBT+ in STEM Special

Week 10

In collaboration with SAINTS LGBT+, EASy, PhySoc - join us for a talk by St Andrews physicist Chris Hooley followed by activities, snacks and lots of fun! The observatory will be open if the weather permits.

Dark Matter: The Cosmic Mystery at the Heart of Particle Physics by Katie Mack

Week 09

Dark matter is one of the most mysterious and essential components of the Universe. It enabled the formation of our own Galaxy and everything we see in the night sky, and yet, it appears to be completely invisible. I'll talk about how astronomy told us dark matter exists, how particle physics might answer the question of its true nature, and why discovering it might reshape our picture of the fundamental physics of the cosmos.

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